• Above all the quality, comfort and convenience!
Favorite cinema characters will come to life in the new Mirage Cinema halls at Europolis shopping center. The cutting-edge nine-audience facility will become the main attraction to film lovers. The best visual and acoustic equipment will create an interactive feel and give the audience a sense of involvement into the film events.
The cinema halls will become a nice surprise to the most demanding visitors. Guests can enjoy Italian dishes in the comfortable lounge area and taste 10+ pop corn varieties with the most unexpected flavors including raspberry, banana, apple and bacon. In two of the nine halls you can watch films sitting on comfortable sofas and order any dishes from the menu directly to the
hall. We love our guests and take their demands into full consideration. All Mirage Cinema halls at Europolis shopping center are equipped with special seats for comfortable and pleasant stay of physically challenged people. We wish you a nice viewing of the world’s best cinema masterpieces!
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