• All the privileges
    of the style capitals
EUROPOLIS shopping center is a flagship project of FORTGROUP uniting in its concept the bravest ideas of architecture and design, thoroughly thought through planning decisions, comfortable infrastructure and optimal choice of stores.
The organic combination of progressive technologies, high-quality materials and creative approach to implementing the project makes EUROPOLIS a unique entertainment hub in St. Petersburg. The architectural concept due to its dynamic design organically blends the images of four
bright distinctive European cities. The attraction of LONDON, the most visited capital city of the world, the charm of PARIS, the capital of fashion, the eternal beauty of the great ROME, the untamed fantasy of BARCELONA, all this has been focused within common space by the ChapmanTaylor team of
architects. Four malls reflect the French subtlety, the Italian classic, the British solidity and the Spanish temperament. EUROPOLIS is all privileges of European capitals put together.
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